CipherCloud CASB+ delivers seamless, Zero-Trust security for Box, giving your organization complete control over user access and data in the SaaS environment, backed by advanced data protection, threat prevention and policy compliance.

CASB+ delivers context-aware protection of Box access and data, accessed by agentless devices, from unauthorized upload, download, access, and data sharing to meet corporate governance, compliance, information technology, and cybersecurity requirements. The cloud-native CASB+ platform provides deep visibility, end-to-end data protection and continuous risk assessment for enterprises adopting cloud services, ensuring secure collaboration and confidential data protection across all locations - in the Box cloud and on users devices.

CipherCloud CASB+ further protects information utilized in Box via integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that enables organizations to apply consistent data security policies and controls ensuring the protection of sensitive information across every key process including collaboration among today’s remote workforce and complex partner ecosystems. Directly informed via Zero Trust Adaptive Access Control, CASB+ DLP offers centralized policy management and enforcement, multi-mode data inspection, data classification, data matching and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) help deliver full-scope cloud DLP, along with supported integration for traditional on-premise DLP solutions.

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