Cloud FastPath (CFP) is a cloud-based data migration, sync, and backup solution - engineered specifically for Content Collaboration Platforms, such as Box.  Reduce data migration time, labor, and complexity with Cloud FastPath’s: pre-migration analytics, automation (i.e. map and migrate permissions/ACLs, users, groups, metadata), data filtering, automated error handling and illegal character translation, detect linked files, migration project management console, a data streaming architecture to achieve extremely fast transfer rates, delta syncing for smooth user cutovers or continuous sync with non-Box file systems, and detailed post-migration reports.  Plus, the solution is cloud-based, meaning there is NO infrastructure for you to setup and manage. 
It's useful to keep in mind that Cloud FastPath is more than just cloud-based software - it's a partnership that includes responsive support and domain expertise - to make your job easier and help hit your Box project objectives.  Cloud FastPath's core customer support team is stationed alongside the engineering team at Tervela’s headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.
Visit the following link to register for a free trial account, read Box migration case studies from your peers, watch recorded migration demos, or request a complimentary Box migration consultation:
- Migrate on-premises content into Box
- Consolidate and migrate other Cloud EFSS and storage systems into Box
- Detect linked files.
- Continuously sync Box with external file systems. i.e. hybrid storage.
- Backup a copy of your Box data to external storage.
- Eliminate the pains and constraints associated with FTP (FileZilla) data transfers.
- File analytics, to understand the data you have on many types of systems (data volume, owners, collaborators, age, linked files, etc)
Cloud FastPath is a simple point-and-click web service that automates file migrations by streaming data to the Cloud and between Cloud environments, securely and efficiently. No coding, no consulting, and no software to maintain. Connect data sources to Box in minutes and the solution does the rest.
Cloud FastPath is specifically designed to move gigabytes, terabytes and even petabytes of data over the Internet. Cloud FastPath is proven to deliver significant Box migration efficiencies because it has built-in and automated performance features such as: file compression at the data source, WAN optimization, automated file translation features for Box, error handling protocols, optimized data extraction and loading, and optional features such as: user mapping, permission mapping, and custom metadata mapping.
Easily map existing folder structures, users and permissions to Box. Create jobs to regularly transfer initial bulk data and then sync changes.  Errors and failures are automatically handled and mitigated to avoid migration restarts or manual intervention.  Cloud FastPath automatically places content into multiple Box accounts based on the ownership of the source files/folders and translates from one ACL (permissions) system to another – for example from Windows NTFS to Box. Cloud FastPath maps on-premises users to Box users and on-premises groups to Box groups.
Monitor your jobs in real time and create alerts to notify you of important events. After a job is complete, you can easily validate your successful Box migration and sync. No more guessing and no more lost files.
Cloud FastPath is architected for the security sensitive organization. NO customer files touch the Cloud FastPath service & NO files get staged/cached – files move directly between the data source(s) and Box.  All data in motion is encrypted using 256-bit encryption with SSL at every stage.
SUPPORTED SYSTEMS:  Supports all of the most common on-premises and cloud-based file systems.
On-premises file systems: Windows File Servers and any files that can be accessed from a Windows machine, Network File Shares (NFS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), NetApp, Linux Servers, CIFS/SMB Servers, SharePoint (Document libraries etc), Mac Server, Enterprise Content Management systems (Documentum, IBM FileNet, OpenText, Alfresco, etc). 
Cloud-based file systems: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Online, O365, Google Drive, Egnyte, Citrix ShareFile, Huddle, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.